Our team

Piccolipiù study is established by six Operative Units based in universities, public-sector research establishments and health agencies. Furthermore seven maternity units were invited to take part in the study.


Department of Epidemiology of the Regional Health Service - Lazio
Francesco Forastiere
tel: 06 99722188 - e-mail: f.forastiere@deplazio.it
Sara Farchi
tel: 06 99722156 – e.mail: s.farchi@deplazio.it
Daniela Porta
telefono: 06 99722180 – e-mail: porta@deplazio.it

National Institute of Health- CNESPS
Maria Antonietta Stazi
tel: 06 49904155 - e-mail: stazi@iss.it

Institute for Maternal and Child Health – IRCCS "Burlo Garofolo", Trieste, Italy
Luca Ronfani
tel: 040 3785401/863 - e-mail: ronfani@burlo.trieste.it

Cancer Epidemiology Unit-CeRMS, Department of Medical Sciences, CPO-Piemonte and University of Turin
Lorenzo Richiardi and Franco Merletti
telefono: 011 6334673 - e-mail: lorenzo.richiardi@unito.it

Unit of Epidemiology, "Anna Meyer" Children’s University Hospital, Florence, Italy
Franca Rusconi
telefono: 055 5662556 - e-mail: f.rusconi@meyer.it

Department of Woman and Child Health, Ospedale Versilia, Local Health Authority 12, Viareggio, Italy
Luigi Gagliardi
tel: 0584 6057161 - e-mail: l.gagliardi@usl12.toscana.it